Want to join a Masonic Lodge in Berkshire?

Kennet Lodge

Welcome to Kennet Lodge (Number 4414 in the Register in the United Grand Lodge of England), a Masonic Lodge in Berkshire, and one of Reading’s most friendly and socially active Masonic Lodges.

This website isn’t designed to answer all the questions you may have about Freemasonry (although we’ve included links to external pages that hopefully will), but should give you the flavour of Kennet Lodge, and why our members enjoy it so much, and why visitors to our meetings come back and take part in our social events. You can also download a pdf of Frequently Asked Questions about Freemasonry.

Please take some time to read why we think joining Kennet Lodge is one of the best decisions you could make, and also a little history about us. For more information lease email info@kennet4414.org.uk to find out more, and please have a look around this website and hopefully you’ll get a sense of the unique personality that members and visitors to our Lodge enjoy.

Welcome to Kennet Lodge

Welcome to Kennet Lodge

My name is Robert Bone and I became a Freemason in 2008 when I joined Kennet Lodge, and am now Worshipful Master for the year. (A posh way of saying I’m basically the Chairman and run the meetings!)

Kennet Lodge has a proud heritage, and the quality of our work is of a high standard; so being Master of the Lodge is an honour for me and during my year in the Chair I want to ensure the high standard continues.

However, that doesn’t mean it we don’t have fun. As I work in entertainment (as a professional magician) I’m conscious of ensuring that everyone has a good time, whether in Lodge or outside.

Having Fun

As Master of Kennet Lodge I like to ensure everyone has fun!

This means that our Lodge meetings are carried out to a high quality, but we also have an active social calendar. Exactly what you want if you are looking to join a Masonic Lodge in Berkshire!

I am also very active in promoting Freemasonry, especially to the younger generation, and I’m embarking on some projects to help bring Freemasonry to the attention of the world at large. This involves a blog (www.in-the-chair.co.uk) which is to record of my time as Master.

I also host a Podcast (available on iTunes and Stitcher, see www.masonicpodcast.com for details) which is suitable for people who are already Masons, as well as those interested in finding out more.

If you are thinking about joining Freemasonry then I strongly recommend you do, and what’s more, Kennet Lodge really is the perfect Lodge to join. Please get in contact with and it would be great to welcome you.

Robert Bone

To find out more about joining one of Berkshire’s most friendly and socially active Masonic Lodges please email join@berkshire-masons.co.uk.