When do they meet?

Make a noteĀ on your calendarĀ of these important dates for the coming Masonic Year. As a general rule of thumb Kennet Lodge meets on the fourth Wednesday September to March (missing December), with LoI on the second Wednesday and rehearsal the Monday prior to each Lodge meeting.

Once the ceremony for each meeting is confimed it will be added. (This should be by July to enable members plenty of time to prepare.)

If you wish to visit Kennet Lodge please contact secretary@kennet4414.org.uk for further information.

Lodge meetings are highlighted in blue, social events are in red.

2017 Meetings & Events

Monday 25th September (TBC): Rehearsal (Installation)
Wednesday 27th September: Lodge Meeting (Installation)

Wednesday 11th October: Lodge of Instruction
Monday 23rd October: Rehearsal
Wednesday 25th October: Lodge Meeting

Wednesday 8th November: Lodge of Instruction (followed by curry in Lower Earley, booking required!)
Monday 20th November: Rehearsal
Wednesday 22nd November: Lodge Meeting

2018 Events & Meetings

Wednesday 10th January: Lodge of Instruction
Monday 22nd January: Rehearsal
Wednesday 24th January: Lodge Meeting
Saturday 27th January: Kennet Lodge Burns Night, Sindlesham

Wednesday 14th February: Lodge of Instruction
Monday 26th February: Rehearsal
Wednesday 28th February: Lodge Meeting

Wednesday 14th March: Lodge of Instruction
Monday 26th March: Rehearsal
Wednesday 28th March: Lodge Meeting

Wednesday 11th April: Lodge of Instruction

Wednesday 9th May: Lodge of Instruction

Meetings are subject to change, please contact Lodge Secretary to confirm details and request Summons.

Regular meetings, Lodge of Instructions and rehearsals are held at Sindlesham Masonic Centre, near Reading, Berkshire.

To find out more about joining one of Berkshire’s most friendly and socially active Masonic Lodges please email join@berkshire-masons.co.uk.