How much does is cost to become a Freemason?

Well, this question is a little tricky to answer exactly because there are variables. The biggest cost is annual membership fee, and this varies from Lodge to Lodge, especially around the country. Lodges in London will cost more than Lodges in a rural area.

Kennet Lodge is in Berkshire so is actually quite good to use as a template. Bear in mind though that it may at first glace appear expensive, but your membership does allow you to visit other Lodges that are members of UGLE. Therefore, you may only attend your Lodge six times a year, but visit ten other Lodges - greatly reducing the average cost per meeting.

These costs are for illustration and subject to change, but as a guide:

Joining Fee:
Annual Membership:
Regalia: £40 (only needed after a year)

A note about the Regalia (ie clothes you need to buy), when you first join you only need a dark suit and tie (which most people have already) and some white cotton gloves that cost about £5. The Apron costs about £35, but you won't need it for about a year.

Kennet Lodge also allows you to spread the cost of your annual membership over 6 monthly payments, which is much more managable.

There are also costs per meeting, but these are only incurred if you attend:

Three Course Meal: £20-25 (depending on menu)
Raffle: £5
Charity Collection: £1
Beer or wine: £3-5

Granted, it isn't the cheapest hobby, but considering you are getting feed (and may even win bottle of whisky in the raffle) it is not too excessive, and over the course of the year is cheaper than some hobbies - and a lot cheaper than golf club membership!