We can't give all the answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions you may have for us, but we can give a lot of answers - maybe more than you actually thought.

I guess the question most people ask is "what are the secrets?" There are "secrets", but these aren't quite like the ones portrayed in films or the darker corners of the internet. There are 'secrets' and 'funny handshakes' but these are actually used in the Lodge itself, and are used to for a candidate to prove that he has achieved one Degree before he can progress to the next degree.

The reason they are secret is because it stops a candidate claiming to be more senior than he is. To be honest, it's a bit old fashioned but makes sense in the bigger scheme of things - it's actually explained in the Second Degree and uses how the different builders and labourers proved themselves entitled to their correct pay when building King Soloman's Temple.

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