Some of the words used by Freemasons can be quite off-putting to someone interested in joining, hopefully this glossary will help explain some of the words you may have heard used.

Freemasonry is steeped in over 300 years tradition so these words can be quite archaic. Here's a summary of some of the words you will be likely to hear, and what they mean in modern English.

  • Worshipful Master - The chairman or president of the Lodge
  • Ritual - This is the words (or script) that members learn and perform. It's called ritual because it is repeat and the same for each member - and no, there's no goats or anything like that!
  • Lodge - The name of the group, this one is Kennet Lodge
  • Province - The area the Lodges are in, which often follow county lines. Kennet Lodge is in the Province of Berkshire
  • Office - A position in the Lodge, such as Secretary
  • Wardens & Deacons - Active offices in the Lodge
  • Regalia - This is the Masonic clothing and mainly refers to the Apron. The only items you need to purchase when you join is some white gloves
  • Degrees - These are ceremonies that members go through.

This barely scratches the surface, but is enough to get you through what will likely come up at your first meeting. Let us know if you have come across other words or phrases you would like explained.