How do you become a Freemason?

Well, to start you should contact us so we can talk you through the process! It's not that pain, and not as expensive as you may think - Freemasonry is a hobby that gives it's members fantastic value for money.

To summarise the process:

  1. Contact us to let us know you're interested (just fill in the short form on this page),
  2. Have a quick chat with one of our members, either by phone, skype or face to face,
  3. Fill in your application form,
  4. Meet some members for a "formal interview" - not as scary as it sounds, more of a conversation than an interview,
  5. Assuming everyone is happy (including you) set a date for your Initiation into the Lodge,
  6. Buy some white gloves and dust off your cheque book!

We'll support you along the way and answer any questions you have. It's in our interest to make sure you are the right sort of person who would benefit from Freemasonry - unfortunately Freemasonry isn't for everyone.

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