Kennet Christmas Dinner
Kennet Lodge Christmas Dinner 2013

If you are interested in becoming a Mason it is important you join a Lodge that is friendly and active to ensure you get the most from your time in Freemasonry. This website is designed to introduce you to Kennet Lodge and give you more details on who you are and why we are a Lodge that you should consider joining.

We recommend that you also take some time to look at the United Grand Lodge of England's website, as well as the Berkshire Provincial Grand Lodge website. Both of these are great resources and should answer many questions you have about Freemasonry as a whole. You can also download a pdf answering questions you may have about The Masons: Freemasonry FAQs.

Masonic Skittle Evening
Skittle Evenings

At Kennet Lodge we also have leaflets and brochures we are happy to give to prospective members, and we are also happy to meet up and discuss Freemasonry and answer questions you may have about us. Please email to find out more, and please have a look around this website and hopefully you'll get a sense of the unique personality that members and visitors to our Lodge enjoy.

We have six regular meetings through-out the year, meeting in Sindlesham, near Reading in Berkshire, as well as many other social events through-out the year.

Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and age-groups. Some members are self-employed builders, entrepreneurs and owners of companies, others work in IT, sales, are retired teachers or civil servants. From professional electricians to professional magicians, Kennet Lodge has diversity amongst its members that ensures are meetings are always fun and dynamic.

The requirements for joining Kennet Lodge are:

  • You must be male (there are Ladies Lodges which we can put you in contact with though),
  • Live within or close to the Province of Berkshire, which includes south Oxfordshire. If you are not in this region we can put you in contact with a Lodge more local to you, unless you have a particular reason joining Kennet such as a family or friend whom is already a member,
  • You must be over 18.

Many people view the stereotypical Mason as an old man with white hair, normally a business man or retired civil servant. Though we do have some members that no doubt fall into this category, we have many more who don't.

Have a look at our social events page to see what get up to outside of Lodge meetings. From formal 'black-tie' nights, through to skittles nights, birthday parties and BBQs, our aim in Kennet Lodge is to get to know each other, involve partners and families and have fun.