Kennet Lodge 1996-97
Members of Kennet Lodge in 1996-97

Kennet Lodge was founded in 1922 when it received its official Charter from The United Grand Lodge of England, and given the Lodge Number 4414.

The Lodge has always met within the Reading area and is part of the Province Of Berkshire. It is named after the River Kennet that runs through Berkshire and joins the Thames.

In the early years many of its members were shop owners in Reading, but as you don't need to be a specific profession to join Kennet Lodge (or indeed most Masonic Lodges - there are some 'specialist Lodges' but these are few and far between) there is a wide range people with all sorts of careers.

Kennet Lodge celebrated it's 75th Anniversary in 1997, and will be starting to think how to celebrate it's Centenary that will soon be on the horizon in 2022.