Social Events
Kennet Lodge Ladies Night 2013

Through-out the course of the year Kennet Lodge also holds several social events for members to invite their friends and families too. These also present a great opportunity to meet with members of the Lodge on a social basis to really get the feel for who we are and what we do. If you are interested in attending these functions please email for details.

Ladies Night

Once a year (normally in March or April) Kennet holds a Ladies Night. This is a usual a Black Tie event and members are encouraged to attend and bring their wives and girlfriends (hence why it's called a Ladies Night!) as well as other friends and family. They don't have to be Mason's themselves, it is a purely social event.

Christmas Dinner

Kennet Christmas Dinner
Kennet Lodge Christmas Dinner

During December Kennet have their annual Christmas party. Again, this is open to the family and friends of Kennet Lodge. Following a traditional Christmas dinner we have a short carol service and everyone is encouraged to join in. We also use this occasion to present gifts to the widow's of Lodge members.

Skittles Evenings

Kennet Lodge has strong links with Shiplake Lodge in the Province of Oxfordshire (who meet in Henley-On-Thames). Once or twice a year this leads to a Lodge Vs Lodge skittle evening. These evenings are tremendous fun and very relaxed.

Social Events
Kennet Lodge Skittles Night

Unfortunately Shiplake Lodge are currently beating Kennet Lodge, so we welcome new members who can throw a ball in a straight line!!

Festive Board

Following each Lodge meeting members have a meal, known as the "Festive Board". This is only for members of Kennet Lodge and their invited guests. The purpose of the Festive Board is so that members can relax after the meeting, have some food and drink and get to know other members.

At Sindlesham we have a three course meal, and also the bar for drinks afterwards.

Member's Parties

Masonic Ladies Night
Music and Entertainment at Kennet Lodge Social

Members of Kennet Lodge are a friendly bunch, and Freemasonry is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. It is common for members to invite other members of the Lodge to parties and social functions outside of Masonry. Over recent years members have held a variety of birthdays, parties and BBQs and invited other members of Kennet Lodge to join their celebrations.

As part of Masonry members often visit other Lodges, and Kennet welcomes guests to our Lodge meetings and social events. Please email for more information.