Kennet Lodge prides itself on the quality of the "Ritual" performed by it's members. It's often noted by guests to the Lodge that it is done well to a high level, and many members have had recognition by the Province of Berkshire for their high standard.

Because the senior officers of the Lodge perform very well it inspires the younger members to work hard to maintain this standard. This of course is supplemented by an active Lodge of Instruction and supervision. This may sound like hard work (and I'd be lying to say it's easy!) but if you're looking to join a Lodge, you want it to be a Lodge you have pride in.

Our immediate past master knew he had to put some work in before he became Master of the Lodge for his year in the Master's Chair. And he realised that this work needs to be structured to ensure everything that needs to be learnt is learnt. He therefore create a plan that lasted over the course of one hundred days that led up to his Installation as Master.

Following his year as Master he looked back over the plan and adjusted it - using the benefit of hindsight - to improve it further. Adding a whole sections of tips, tricks and methods to assist with the learning this was then turned into a book that is available for purchase from Amazon worldwide.

If you are in the UK you can purchase it here.

If you are outside the UK and the link doesn't redirect you to your country's Amazon store then just search for "100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual".

Although geared towards the Master Elect, it will be of benefit to anyone going through the progressive offices and needing to learn Masonic Ritual. It will then on their bookshelf ready for them to start working through the workbook section when it's needed!

“Learn Masonic Ritual in 100 Days” book on Amazon
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