It was a busy night for the members of Kennet Lodge 4414 when they put on a Quadruple Second Degree Ceremony, as Bro Robert Clark, Bro Peter Christmas, Bro Paul Harrold and Bro Peter Christmas were all made Fellowcrafts.
Kennet Lodge Quadruple Second Degree
Assisting W.Bro Robert Hawkins with the Entrusting and Obligations were the Assistant Grand Masters, W.Bro Julian Pacey and W. Bro Robin Kent, along with W. Bro Paul Watson and W.Bro Robert Bone.

Leading the candidates were the Senior and Junior Deacons, as well as two Master Masons drafted in to assist with such a big evening for the Lodge. Fortunately the members of Kennet Lodge realised the importance of planning and rehearsing such a ceremony, and relief was evident on their faces when the ceremony passed (pun not intended!) smoothly and without hitch.

It was enjoyable and memorable experience for all involved, the only issue foreseen by the Master Elect is with more potential joining Kennet Lodge next year, he may have to be presiding over a Quadruple Third Degree!

In the Picture: From Left to right, JD Deacon W. Bro. Steve Gadd, Bro Paul Harold, Bro Thomas Greenham, WM W. Bro Robert Hawkins, Bro Robert Clark, Bro Peter Christmas, SD W. Bro. Alan West

Quadruple Second Degree