This page answers who can be a Mason?

The general rule for Lodges that are part of the United Grand Lodge of England is that you must be a man. (We won't get into the sexist argument here, but if you are a lady then there are Lodges exclusively  for women, as well as some for both men and woman.)

The other criteria is age. The rules say that the minimum age is 21 years old. However, this isn't written in stone and can be reduced to 18 years; but there normally needs to be a reason. If you aren't yet 21 but interested in joining please get in contact as you may be able to join sooner!

You also need to a "Free Man". That basically means you are coming from your own actions and because you want to - not because someone is pushing you to.

You also need to believe in some sort of higher power - though it doesn't matter which faith you belong to! The great thing about Freemasonry is Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bhuddists and any other religion can all come together a join in. You don't need to be practicing or even attend church, or take the Bible as true Gospel.

When you contact Kennet Lodge we'll contact you to ask if you have any questions in particular. We will then arrange a time for you to met a few of us - normally in a pub where we can have a chat over a drink.

Once you have agreed we aren't a bunch of loonies you can fill out a formal application and have a formal interview. In the old days this was quite a big deal almost like a job interview, but it's not quite so much pressure now. We usually have this at Sindlesham Court where we meet, so it also gives you the opportunity to have a look at a Lodge room and the facilities the building offers.

Let's assume you pass the interview we'll set a date for you to join. There is then the final vote on the evening of your Initiation in Freemasonry. This is when every member of the Lodge votes - a white ball for yes, a black ball of no. (This is where the term 'being black-balled' comes from.) It's very unlikely you'll be voted out at this stage of the process, but it is a traditional formality!